Editing Reviews

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3 thoughts on “Editing Reviews

  1. Courtney did an amazing job helping me with my college essay. She helped me with sentance structure while still keeping the ideas my own. She also gave me a lot of great tips on keeping my essay concise yet thorough

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  2. Courtney helped me edit my personal statement for grad school and did so amazing! She helped make my sentences flow exponentially better, double checked my grammar, and improved my word choice. I was so happy with the way she edited it and will definitely recommend her to friends!

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  3. Courtney has a way with words like no other! She helped make my writing come alive, and I couldn’t have been more grateful for her help. In a moment of high stress while submitting a surplus of grad school applications, I was lucky to have Courtney to make the experience a more positive one. She is a pleasure to work with and was so efficient and helpful throughout the process. I am hoping she writes a book soon because I will be the first person to make that purchase! 10/10 Courtney!

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