Take The Leap

The first blog post I ever wrote was for CameraAndCarryOn. Though it revolved mainly around my adventures cliff diving in the Amalfi Coast, that wasn’t really the point…

The point was that sometimes you have to stop thinking, and just jump.

I’ve given that advice to so many people, and have always tried to embrace it myself, but I’ve often struggled to do it. It seems so simple to harness a few seconds of insane bravery and take the leap, but when you’re all the way up there, looking down into what seems like infinity, it can be really freakin’ terrifying to trade solid ground for thin air.

The trick is to make the conscious choice to jump (rather than simply falling), plan a general route to avoid hitting rocks at the bottom and land on your feet instead of your ass.

The rest of the flight is just like Peter Pan said:



                           pixie dust

…if pixie dust were actually just counting to three and not looking back!

So, I’ve decided to take a leap. I quit my marketing job, packed up my things and am moving my butt to Atlanta!


  • The free fall part: I have no set job, no apartment and no exact plan.
  • The semi-organized part: I signed up for another class in voice work, I’ll be freelance writing and babysitting to make some money and living with my cousin until I find a place of my own.

I should feel scared, but I don’t. I just feel stomach buzzing, ears ringing, heart poundingly excited!

I’ve decided in these last few months to live my life by two quotes:

“Learning the way along the way.” -unknown

“You have to learn to feel confident about the prospect of failing, because it’s so inevitable.” -Andrea Zittel

Fear has always been within us. It goes way back to our animalistic instincts: fear the hungry lion because if you walk into its den you will probably be eaten and die…

But when does fear cease to aid us and begin to hinder our accomplishments?

Our fear of failure often stops us from trying the thing that may actually lead to our biggest success. Huh, how ’bout that?!

The worst case scenario of my move to Atlanta is this: I go, I fail, I go somewhere else and try again.

Sometimes picturing the worst case scenario of a situation can help you achieve a better perspective on what you have to gain and what you are willing to lose let go of to do so.

I’m willing to let go of my security blanket. I’m willing to be uncomfortable. I’m willing to leave behind the familiar and explore that which is not.

I’m willing to immerse myself in this crazy life and take a leap.

Are you?


What’s that something you’re dying to do, but haven’t yet for fear of failure? What’s playing over there on the edges of your consciousness, tugging you in a direction which, until now, you’ve been too scared to even look?

“Everything that is sleeping in you, wake it up.” You Are Luminous via Instagram

Sending you all my love today and always, my little chickadees.


2 thoughts on “Take The Leap

  1. What an awesome piece, Court! I too took the jump into the abyss, petrified; worked hard, lived in my boss’s house with no bedroom furniture, struggled, climbed slowly; succeeded!

    I’m so proud of you! It’s so unrewarding to take the easy route.


    Aunt Wendy



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