Inspiring 20Something: Brittany Carel

Today’s inspiring 20something is one of the loveliest people I know. She’s as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside, and I was so honored that she took the time out of her day to chat with me.

Brittany Carel is a 22 year old model currently living on Florida’s west coast in the town of Punta Gorda.


Brittany has wanted to pursue her dream of modeling her entire life, as she watched both of her parents do it, but she never thought it was something she could do. One day, without thinking much about it, she posed for a friend to help them out with an assignment. She realized she actually had quite a knack for it, and decided to pursue it further.

When I asked Brittany if it has been easy or difficult to follow her passion of modeling, she gave it some thought, and then told me it has been both. “It’s been easy to put myself out there,” she said, “but it has conflicted with a lot of other things. When I was in school, it was hard because I’d have casting calls to go to, but I also had my classes. But the more I dedicate myself to it, the more things line up, so it really just depends how much energy I’m putting towards it.”


The people who support her dreams and those who recommend she get a “normal” or “stable” job have also been mixed.

“I do have people who think I can still do this professionally—full time—today, and some think I should get a more stable office life job,” she explained.

Brittany doesn’t let those who doubt her get her down, though!

This bubbly, determined 22-year-old says that those who doubt her just motivate her even more to prove them wrong. Generally, though, this rising star tries to surround herself with positive people who support her vision, rather than those who don’t.


A good example of something we should all be doing in our own lives!

Just a few months ago, Brittany did a shoot with Vita Coco. The popular coconut water brand was one of the first or second bigger name brands she’s worked with, and she said it was definitely one of her favorites.

“It was so great because the people behind the scenes were just so down to earth, natural, and normal that it made it so fun to be there. That’s something that can be hard to find in this industry.”


One thing Britt wants people to know about her is that being in front of the camera isn’t just something she woke up one day and decided to do; it’s something she’s wanted her whole life.

“People say, ‘Oh yah, she just started wearing bikinis and became a model!’ and that’s just not true. This has been a nonstop journey of agents and casting calls. It’s been a long journey; it didn’t happen overnight. I don’t just do it for attention—it’s something I truly have a passion for.”


Brittany’s advice to those who want to follow their dreams, whether it’s modeling or something different, is do your research.

“Nothing is impossible,” she says. “It’s going to be difficult, but if you want something that badly, and it’s something you think about all day, then go for it. I always wanted to go to a casting call, so I went out there and got myself an agency, and now I can go to casting calls. It’s really about consistency and persistence, and it’s about putting out good energy.”

She also talked about how important it is to do it for yourself, because it’s something you truly love, rather than doing it for the money or the fame or for others.

So, what’s next for the beautiful Brittany?!

She hopes to eventually be signed with a big agency and work on a campaign, or to land a Netflix series. “That would be awesome!” she said. “I’m really just trying to figure out where I fall in this world, trying to find my niche in this whole thing, but in the next five years I definitely want to see myself working on a big project or campaign. Maybe I’ll go back to New York for fashion week next winter.”


One more gem she left us with is to keep in mind the importance of body image. Working in this industry, Brittany has been told so many times that she doesn’t have the right frame—either too big or too small, too short, too tall—you name it. She wants to remind us all not to be discouraged, because “someone will love you just the way you are.”


It was such a privilege to speak with someone so wise beyond her years, and with such a bright future ahead of her.

I hope Brittany’s spirit and drive have inspired you as much as they’ve inspired me!

Sending you all my love today and always, my little chickadees. 


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