Inspiring 20Something: Brittany Carel

Today’s inspiring 20something is one of the loveliest people I know. She’s as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside, and I was so honored that she took the time out of her day to chat with me. Brittany Carel is a 22 year old model currently living on Florida’s west coast […]

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Embrace The Solar Eclipse

We are all made of stardust. This is not some romantic, poetic, description of human beings, though it does sound like it. This is a fact. Unless you’re one of the few who’s still not so convinced about the whole Big Bang thing, scientists pretty much agree that that’s how we started. So, basically, you […]

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Buy Your Own Stock

Investing in yourself is one of the most basic, and most difficult, components of success. We often feel so uncomfortable and intimidated when promoting, investing in, or talking about ourselves and our accomplishments. It feels like we are bragging or full of ourselves or so many other things we try not to be or do, […]

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